Men's LWT 4+ Places 7th at Nationals, Bronze at Regionals


Edward Emery, Captain, 2-seat:  The Lightweight 4+ tested the mental and physical strength of everyone involved, and was without question the biggest challenge I've faced in five seasons at Pacific. I'm tremendously proud of our performance this past weekend, and couldn't have asked for a better send off. Nationals has long been an aspiration for both Peter and myself, and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of our coaches and underclassmen.

- Peter Hollander, Captain, Bow-seat:  The Lightweight 4+ was my favorite boat to row all season - not because of its result at the end of the year - but because of our tenacity of the crew throughout the season. I appreciated our ability to approach each practice with a positive mentality regardless of the previous practice's result and our willingness to push other crews through the finish line for every race. A perfect example of this is how we were able to refocus on doing as well as possible in the petite final immediately after being edged out of the grand final. A big thanks to Mike and Julian for their efforts and the rest of my teammates for pushing us throughout the regular season.