When you register a rower at PRC you are also registering them with US Rowing and Regatta Central. 


To participate in regattas sanctioned by US Rowing, the governing body for the sport of rowing, your rower must be a member of US Rowing. 


PRC uses Regatta Central, a provider of services to rowing clubs across the country, to help manage the details of running a rowing club: team membership, credit card payments and organizing our participation in regattas.


To register a rower at PRC you use the Regatta Central "shopping cart" on this page to purchase PRC "seasons" or "sessions" and US Rowing membership. Follow the detailed instructions under the heading "Shopping Cart Details."


The instructions include several forms you must fill out as well. You can also find these forms on the Forms page.

If you are a first time novice parent or rower, please connect with your corresponding coach after filling out the forms. The first day of practice is August 21st, 2017.

Shopping Cart Details

1. Click on the appropriate title for your rower. Items appropriate to that program will drop down for you to select among.

Junior Program-Regular Season" relates to Fall/Spring Varsity and Novice teams. (In rowing terminology, any rower not yet 19 years old is a "junior" rower.)

"Middle School Learn to Row" is the 6th-8th grade rowing program.

2. Select the season(s) and the number of rowers that will be attending, and "Add to Cart". The full year includes Fall, Winter and Spring registrations. 

3. Select "Check Out" on the right side in the shopping cart box.

4. Under "New User" input the requested information for the parent and/or guardian, and then select "Next".

5. Select "New Participant" to set up your rower(s) and provide the requested information. Please remember to input YOUR email address in all windows where an Email address is required. Do not use your rower's email address in this section.

6. Select "Proceed to Checkout" and fill in the requested information for the Account Holder and rower(s).

7. Select "Next" when all rower information has been provided

8. In the section “Emergency & Medical release Form” hover over the box and you can click on “here” to open the form. Please print, complete and return the form to the boathouse.

9. In the section “USRowing Registration” hover over the box and click “here’ to enter the USRowing site to complete the registration there and the USRowing waiver. Please select “Basic” which, although free, requires a $5.95 handling charge.

10. Select a "Payment Method" and provide payment information. Once you have registered you will have your choice of payment options -- online via credit card, PayPal, or by check mailed to The Pacific Rowing Club, P.O. Box 320643, San Francisco CA 94132

11. Select "Submit" and you are done.