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Novice Regatta

Novice Regatta

We are excited to host the Novice Regatta next Saturday, February 17th.  It is most of the participants first spring (sprint) racing they have ever experienced.  Coaches fondly call this the blind torpedo race, and its a wonderful Pacific tradition.

When should rowers arrive?

Rowers should arrive at Lake Merced by 6:30 AM unless told otherwise by their coaches.   

We ask that you drop your rowers off at the Janet Pomery Center and athletes to walk across skyline to the boathouse to avoid big traffic jams at the lake.  We are reserving the parking lot of visiting teams trailers so there unfortunately will be no parking at the boathouse. 

When should parent volunteers arrive?

Volunteers who sign up for parking duty should arrive at 5:00 am, first shift of finish line volunteers arrive at 7:15 am, and all other 1st shift volunteers should arrive at 6:00am.     

We need volunteers! 

Pacific has always been built on the amazing athletes and their wonderful parents working with the coaching staff to run the program. Without your help Pacific does not exist.  This is the biggest ask in terms of volunteer effort for the entire year.  It is a great time and an opportunity to rub elbows with your fellow rower parents, discussing things like "what is rig?" "where do you catch crabs in rowing?" and many more.  I have been involved with the sport for over 16 years now and my Mom still does not understand the difference between sculling (two oars) and Sweeping (one oar).

Please Sign Up to Volunteer: Here

 A couple of important things to note: 

Traffic Control

Sometimes thought as the most exciting, because we always have some colorful characters that do what they want and not listen to our traffic patterns.  This is mostly fisherman and golfers rushing to get to their T-Time at Harding golf course.  If you like to conflict management, and are good at controlling crowds this is the perfect job for you. 5 am is typically the busiest time with teams, trailers, and buses all arriving at the same time.  

Finish Line

This is some of the most fast pace work at the event with attention to details.  You get to take finish times and margins on crews as they pass the finish line of the race.  Bonus: you get to be one of the first people to cheer on your rower when they are done with their race.  We are also having a veteran Maggie Beers that has been working finish line for years coming back to help train new parents. The shifts are longer than other shifts to provide continuity throughout the day!  

Food & Furry Friends

We all love your furry friends but we have to ask that if you sign up to help with bake sale or hospitality to leave them at home for the day.  Don't want to get any dog hair in the athletes food. :)   

Bake Sale Fundraiser

The bake sale is one of the best fundraiser for PRC other than row-a-thon. All proceeds will go directly to our financial aid rowers to cover away trips, gear, tuition etc. 

If you are interested in donating food for the bake sale please take a look and sign up: Here

Also, please drop off your donation with your rower in the morning at the BAKE SALE tent.  And contact Danielle DeSalvo ( if you have any questions. 

Important reminders for Bake Sale and Hospitality Food: 

  • Please label any items that contain NUTS for those who have allergies. 
  • Please make your baked goods individually portioned for easy distribution. 
  • Bring items in non-returnable containers (or recyclable, i.e., paper plate covered with foil).  

Race times

Race times are available: Here  There may be some varsity scrimmaging at the end of the day. Please note that some varsity boats are scrimmaging at the end of the day.  Also times may change later in the week, so make sure to double check race times before Saturday

Merchandise for Sale

We are happy to be selling a variety of rowing clothing and accessories from Sew Sporty.  We accept cash, checks and credits cards.  

Community service for varsity rowers

We take pride in having the Varsity rowers help run novice regatta.  They will be helping parents coaches and US Rowing Refs orchestrate the day. Each rower will be assigned a volunteer position by their coaches. 

We are excited for a great day of racing.  

Please let us know if you have any questions. 


PRC Coaching Staff

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